Game Title Star warfare1: Alien Invasion
Platforms Android, IOS, Windows Phone
Official Release Jan 2012

“Star warfare1: Alien Invasion” is a science fiction as the theme of the shooting game. UBW-594244 is a beautiful planet, here because of the new material Mithril mining and become rich, but the rich resources are accompanied by the risk of an alien invasion so that here become appalling, to defend the planet to become you The important mission. Has a beautiful 3D screen, adhering to the action shooting gameplay features, hot gunfighting scenes, game screen design cool gorgeous, good game fluenc

The role of the player is an interstellar Marines who need to continue to resist the invasion of human Zerg invasion. Game for the TPS (third person shooting game) players can replace the body equipment to strengthen themselves, each piece of equipment can also use money to transform (players rely on knock down the enemy to get money). The game supports single mode and multiplayer mode, between different modes of resources, can be interoperable multiplayer mode can be players confrontation or cooperation break mode.


  • iso
  • android

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